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May 28 (2021) is the International Day of Action for Women’s Health, which for more than 30 years, women’s* rights backers and partners in the sexual and regenerative health and rights (SRHR) development worldwide have recognized in different ways.

After a seemingly endless amount of time after year, women, young ladies, supporters and partners have kept on making a move and go to bat for sexual and regenerative rights for what they are: a unified and basic piece of our human rights.

Now, when women’s human rights, and especially sexual and conceptive rights keep on being methodicallly abused around the world, preparation both inside and past our networks stays basic.

History of International Day of Action for Women’s Health

In 1987, during a reunion of members of WGNRR in Costa Rica, May 28 was declared as International Day of Action for Women’s Health. Since then, May 28 has been internationally renowned and activities are held worldwide by women’s and health groups. In 1999, it was officially recognised by the government of South Africa

Significance of International Day of Action for Women’s Health

International Day of Action for Women’s Health is observed globally on May 28 every year since 1987. The main purpose of this day is to promote the sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) of all women all over the world. May 28th, International Day of Action for Women’s Health is being coordinated by the Women’s Global Network for Reproductive Rights (WGNRR). Every woman has a right to sexual and reproductive health and rights, no matter which part of the world she hails from, what age she is, or what her ethnicity or religion is.

Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights for women

International Day of Action for Women’s Health is being coordinated by the Women’s Global Network for Reproductive Rights (WGNRR) which was founded in 1984. Women hailing from any part of the world, of any religion or age have right to sexual and reproductive health and rights. SRHR includes the following rights:

– Receive information on sexuality.
– Sexuality education.
– Choose their partner.
– Take the decision to be sexually active or not.
– Use modern contraceptive methods.
– Access to maternity care.
– Safe abortion and post-abortion care.
– Know about prevention, care and treatment of sexually transmitted diseases and infections.

Other health rights for women

Other issues which are raised to get women aware for their rights for health care are

– Making women cautious about health care.
– Making women aware regarding medical facilities, contraceptives etc.
– Regarding HIV/AIDS, women to be protected from these diseases.
– Giving them safe and legal abortion facilities.

COVID-19 pandemic and women

Due to pandemic this year International Day of Action for Women’s Health says 2021 Call for Action


Negative and lasting impact of COVID-19 has affected globally, but impact is not equally faced. Women’s health and well-being is the highest affected sector. The impact is more where vaccines are still unavailable and health care systems are very insufficient.
Most women in remote areas are unaware and even if they know it’s very difficult for them to access Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights SRHR.

International Day of Action for Women’s Health Quotes, Wishes , Images, Greetings

_Fight a sleeping disorder with delicate shaking or the sound of running water. Change environment and take long voyages. Carefully abstain from unnerving thoughts. Quit focusing on yourself . Your health is valuable for us.

_Indulge in sprightly discussion and beguilements. Tune in to music. Your health both mental and physical merits consideration as well.

_So numerous women spend their health picking up riches, and after that need to spend their riches to recapture their health. This is endless loop , stop yourself in getting into this cycle.

_To keep the body healthy is an obligation, else we will not have the capacity to keep our mind solid and clear. You are the flagbearer of society , we need you to be healthy until the end of time.

_In minds packed with considerations, organs obstructed with poisons, and bodies solidified with disregard, there is only no space for whatever else. Your health isn’t waste container woman.

_Without health, life isn’t life; it is just a condition of drowsiness and enduring. What’s more, your d=suffering will be the network’s affliction.

_Health and mind are the two favors of life. More than this you are the gift to society and we would prefer not to lose it at any expense . Deal with yourself and we will deal with everything else.

_Your battle for a healthy life and for your rights won’t be overlooked any longer. We remain by you , you merit better expectations for everyday comforts my woman.

_Look to your health; and on the off chance that you have it, acclaim God, and esteem it beside a decent soul; for health is the second gift that we humans are able to do; a gift that cash can’t purchase.

_Use your health, even to the point of destroying it. That is what it is really going after. Burn through all you have before you bite the dust; don’t outlast yourself.

_You don’t have to endure any longer , you don’t have to put your health in hazard zone , we first need you to be healthy and everything else will come later.

_No young lady ought to endure as a result of menstrual cycle , we as a general public need to deal with the women , they are the ones who have been running this world.

_My claim medicine for health is not so much desk work but rather more running shoeless through the grass. Stop the family tasks for an hour and commit it to your health.

_The patient ought to be made to comprehend that she should assume responsibility for her own life. Try not to take your body to the specialist as though he were a fix shop.

_From the harshness of ailment man learns the sweetness of health. Be that as it may, don’t influence your body to experience torment.

_The contrast between the incomprehensible and the conceivable lies in an individual’s assurance. Your assurance will keep you healthy.

_Health is a condition of complete physical, mental and social prosperity, and not only the non appearance of sickness or ailment.

_A lady bears the most torment while conceiving an offspring and still as a general public we need in giving them legitimate health care office , today on women health day I guarantee to contribute my time and consideration regarding the women in our general public.

_Health is the main resource which will enable you to till you bite the dust so be cautious and mindful about it.

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