English Language Day 2021: Date, History, purpose, celebration, facts, messages, slogans, quotes, images, posters and All you need to know

English Language Day 2021: It is celebrated on 23 April annually and is a United Nations (UN) observance day. Let us read more about English Language Day.

english language day 2021

English Language Day 2021: This day coincides with both birthday and death day of William Shakespeare and World Book Day. The English language is one of the most popular languages used across the world. The day prospects the development, history, culture and achievements associated with the language.

English Language Day: History

English is the most widely spoken language or a “world language”. Therefore, it is known as lingua franca of the modern era. Along with French, English is also the working language of the United Nation (UN). English Language Day is the result of a 2010 initiative by the Department of Global Communications. It established language days for each of the Organisation’s six official languages. 

Under the initiative, the duty stations of UN celebrate six separate days and each day is dedicated to one of the Organisation’s six official languages across the world.

The language days are as follows:

Arabic (18 December)

Chinese (20 April)

English (23 April)

French (20 March)

Russian (6 June)

Spanish (23 April)

World Book Day 2021: Current Theme, History and Significance

English Language Day: Purpose behind the celebration

Basically, the main purpose of the UN’s language days is to observe multilingualism and cultural diversity. The days also promote the equal use of all six official languages throughout the Organisation.

At the UN, the Language days aims to entertain and to inform about the goal of raising awareness and respect for the history, culture and achievements of each of the six working languages among the UN community.

english language day images

On this day several events are organised including book-reading events, English quizzes, poetry and literature exchanges, and other activities that stimulate the English language.

Facts English language day

  • The English language is spoken in 67 nations out of 195 countries in the world.
  • The English Language is recognised as the primary language of ‘official status’ in these 67 countries.
  • There are 27 countries where English is spoken as a secondary ‘official’ language.
English Language Day 2021 date

English Language Day Greetings , Messages, Quotes

– Wishing everyone a pleased English Language Day, and may you celebrate this day with everyone.

English Language Day 2021 quote

– This day was recognized by the UN to promote multilingualism. Wishing a great English Language day ahead.

– May you all watch an excellent English movie or read an exciting novel to celebrate this day.

– Wishing all of you to utilize this day in the best way.

– Teach English, read English, or learn English. Just respect the language and devote a day to it.

– 23rd April is not just the birthday or death day of William Shakespeare, but it is also a day of a language. Happy English Language Day.

– This day is to honor the language that has helped everyone communicate in particular or say in a common language.

English language is critical from a job point of view, communication, etc.

– Everyone knows who William Shakespeare was and why 23rd April is selected to celebrate this day.

– On this day, many schools also prepare plays written by William Shakespeare to raise awareness of this culture.

– We have American English and British English. The only difference is in the pronunciation.

– There are many facts about the English language that many of us don’t know.

– There are many ways a person can improve their English skills. One can read novels, watch English series, listen to English songs, learn a new word every day. 

English Language Day 2021 pics

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