World Coconut Day 2020 - 2 September - Theme, History, Wishes, Images, Quotes, Whatsapp Messages, Banners, Cards, Poster, Wallpapers & Status, Greetings - Health Benefits of Coconut

World Coconut Day 2020 – 2 September – Theme, History, Wishes, Images, Quotes, Whatsapp Messages, Banners, Cards, Poster, Wallpapers & Status, Greetings – Health Benefits of Coconut


World Coconut Day is observed every year on 2nd September to create awareness about the importance of the coconut across the world. In Year World Coconut Day is on 2 September 2020. World Coconut Day is celebrated by the Asian and Pacific Coconut Community (APCC) and its member states every year.

World Coconut Day 2020 Images

World Coconut Day 2020 Theme

This year the theme of World Coconut Day 2020 is – “Invest in Coconut to save the world”. The theme is decided by the International Coconut Community.

World Coconut Day 2020 Wishes, Messages & Quotes

May the God of the sea give all the happiness to you and your family. Let’s celebrate this healthy festival of coconut day.

World Coconut Day Whatsapp Messages

On this coconut-y occasion, I wish you a bright, happy, and world coconut day.

Let us spread love & happiness on this precious day of world coconut day.

Special Wishes to you and your family on World Coconut Day. Let us offer prayers to God of the sea to bless every people on earth.

World Coconut Day 2020 Wallpapers

Let’s spread kindness and love all around to keep a healthy environment around us. – Happy World Coconut Day!

By the grace of God, at present is the tip of monsoon season and the start of the season of fishing…. Wishing you a really Happy World Coconut Day 2020.

World Coconut Day 2020 Whatsapp Status

Could you and your family members are at all times blessed by Sea God…. Heat needs on World Coconut Day 2020 to you and your loved ones.

Be like coconut, delicate internally and externally be robust. – Happy World Coconut Day!

World Coconut Day 2020 Poster

Coconut saves many lives, it offers the nutritional vitamins we want in our physique, So let’s rejoice this pageant of world coconut day.

There may be one saying like coconut retains sickness away kind our physique, That’s true. – Happy World Coconut Day!

World Coconut Day 2020 Banners

I simply pray to God to present you all of the success in your life on this loving pageant of World Coconut Day!

I just pray to God to give you all the success in your life on this loving festival of World Coconut Day!

World Coconut Day 2020 Cards

I pray on your happiness and success on the festive event of World Coconut Day…. Could you might be at all times blessed with joys over sorrows, prosperity over failure.

World Coconut Day 2020 Facebook & Instagram Status

On the event of World Coconut Day, at all times bear in mind to thank the God of Sea for his blessings, love and care…. Heat needs on Narali Purnima.

What are the health benefits of Coconut?

World Coconut Day 2020 Greetings
  • Cocunt is a complete food rich in vitamins, calories, and minerals. The various health benefits of Coconuts are listed below:
  • A coconut carrying 400 g edible meat and around 30-150 ml of water holds all the daily-required essential including minerals, vitamins, and energy of an average-sized individual.
  • The 100 g kernel holds 354 calories.
  • The meat of the coconut is disproportionately high in saturated fats when compared to other common edible nuts.
  • The lauric acid, a saturated fatty acid in the coconut, increases good-high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol levels in the blood. It is also good for coronary arteries by preventing vessel blockage.
  • Coconut water contains simple sugar, electrolytes, minerals, and bioactive compounds like cytokinin, and enzymes such as polymerases, acid phosphatase, catalase, dehydrogenase, peroxidase, etc. The enzymes help in metabolism and digestion.
  • Coconut oil is commonly extracted from Copra or dry kernel. The oil is an excellent emollient agent. It can be used used in cooking, applied over the scalp as hair nourishment, employed in pharmacy and medicines.
  • Coconut kernel is an excellent source of minerals such as copper, calcium, iron, manganese, magnesium, and zinc.
  • Coconut is a source of B-complex vitamins such as riboflavin, folates, niacin, thiamin, and pyridoxine.

History of World Coconut Day?

World Coconut Day was established in the year 2009. The day is observed to commemorate the formation day of APCC which functions under the aegis of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (UN-ESCAP). World Coconut Day is observed to highlight the importance and uses of coconuts. World Coconut Day is an occasion to interpret policies and express the plan of action in this sector.

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