Lockdown Effect: Kapil Sharma Says ‘I Think My Baby Is Bored Of Me And Thinks Her Dad Is Jobless’

Lockdown Effect: Kapil Sharma Says ‘I Think My Baby Is Bored Of Me And Thinks Her Dad Is Jobless’

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At a time when the country is practising social distancing to keep COVID-19 at bay, celebrities are making the most of their free time by pursuing their hobbies and spending quality time with their family. A case in point is ace comedian Kapil Sharma, who is enjoying every minute of this stay-at-home phase with his three-month-old daughter, Anayra.

I think my baby is bored of me

He shares, “Aaj kal saara din baby ke saath khelta rehta hoon, and khaata aur sota hoon, bas. Badi mushkil se routine sahi hui thi. Usko settle aur hamein time par sote hue 10 din hi hue the ki phir se routine change ho gaya. Abhi baby bhi bore ho gayi hai dekh dekh ke mujhe saara din. Usko lagta hai, ‘Mera baap kuchh karta hi nahi hai’ (laughs!).”

Have been in a lockdown ever since Anayra was born

Kapil has mostly been at home ever since his bundle of joy arrived. “In a way, I have been in a lockdown state since December 10, the day Anayra was born. I would step out only for two days a week to shoot for the show,” he says.

I think Anayra recognizes me

The comedian, who has barely spoken to the media about his daughter so far, tells us that he can’t keep his eyes off his baby. He says, “I don’t even realise when the day goes by. Abhi uska mere saath thoda zyada attachment ho gaya hai. Pehle Ginni (wife) ko hi dekh kar hasti thi. Since the past few days, she has started recognising me and even smiles. That feeling is out of the world.”

Anayra’s beauty has come from her mummy Ginni

She totally justifies her name — Anayra, which means happiness. She smiles like my mother and me. Hum teeno ki aankhein band ho jaati hain haste time. Khoobsurat apni mummy jaisi hai woh, and thank God for that (laughs!).”

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